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History of PYL

In April 2001 Thornhill successfully secured £48.7 million of Government funding through the New Deal for Communities programme to regenerate the area under five key themes; Health, Education, Employment, Crime and the Living Environment.


In the 10 years that followed, the community of Thornhill were the recipients of many initiatives, targeted at social economic regeneration as well as regenerating the built environment. Much has changed in Thornhill for the better, crime rates have reduced, resident's health has improved, and educational attainment has gone up. However one area that still remains stubborn, with the current climate not helping is social economic inactivity (worklessness). There are still high percentages of families in Thornhill dependant on the benefits system. Much of this can be attributed to ill mental/physical health.


In the early days of the New Deal for Communities Programme (Thornhill Plus You), Government recommended that a succession strategy for the end of the 10 year programme be put in place. The purpose of this was to ensure the continued regeneration and benefit to the community of Thornhill. Plus You Limited a Limited Charity is the vehicle that will deliver the succession strategy, continuing to ensure that Thornhill goes from strength to strength.

About PYL

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We thought you might like to know about us...

Plus You Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee and we are also a Registered Charity. We were formed in 2009 and began trading in January 2010.

The focus of our Charity is to continue local regeneration and offer the community of Thornhill the benefit of our expertise. We work to our vision statement which says

'Plus You Limited is a charitable company working for the people of Thornhill. Our primary aim is to continue local regeneration by helping people to help themselves. To achieve this, we will value and listen to our residents and build successful relationships with partner organisations'


We have a small staff team of 4 and are governed by a Board of Directors based within the community, further details about the Staff team and Board members can be found ?


Our main income stream is via rental income from our portfolio of properties and land which we own, these include the Commercial Units at Hinkler Place, Hinkler Community Centre (due to be completed Summer 2012), Hightown Community Centre and land at the Eastpoint Centre. This income stream supports the day to day running of the Charity and the delivery of regeneration projects.

We also work hard to secure funding for different projects which benefit the Thornhill Community examples of these are Motiv8 and STEPS which you can find out more by clicking on the links.


We are always looking for new ways to work with the Thornhill Community, if you would like our support in anyway at all please get in touch.

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Our Staff Team

 Our Staff Team:

  debbie king  

Debbie King MBE

Chief Executive

 Amanda Savage  Mike Allott  Barry Foote

Amanda Savage

Community Coordinator

Mike Allott

Community Coordinator

Barry Foote