On the Road Again

Category: Thornhill Community Voices (TCV) Written by Paul Whitmore Hits: 1861

After the vital number 19 bus service was cut from Thornhill, leaving many of our residents isolated from crucial facilities, months of meetings, negotiations, and petitions followed. Residents were determined to regain this service which they believed was a key part of community life.

Residents and Partners from Thornhill Community Voices (TCV) group took the lead on working to regain the vital bus service, meeting with representatives from each of the local bus operators and Southampton City Council to find a solution to this problem. Transportation was already difficult for many residents, we didn’t need the withdrawal of a vital service making things worse.

All this effort has paid off and we are now delighted to report that this key bus service has returned to Thornhill, thanks to Velvet, and all the dedicated individuals who worked so hard to make this happen.

For a one year trial period Velvet Bus Company will now operate a bus route starting at Tesco Bursledon, that heads towards Sholing, before entering Warburton Road, Hinkler Road, Fairfax Court, Thornhill Park Road, and going on to Bitterne via Harefield. The 28-seater bus service will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

PYL Board Director and Thornhill Community Voices group member Trixie Neilson said ‘’It took a lot of hard work to get this to happen, please use this service as we will lose it if it is not well used’’

Bitterne ward councillor Simon Letts said ‘’I hope this will play a small part in reducing isolation, ensuring that a bus service is maintained to Thornhill Park Road and Bitterne precinct. I think this is an excellent example of the community led by TCV working together with the Council to find a solution to a problem.’’

Below is the timetable for the Velvet Bus Service running on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Tesco Bursledon   10:15 11:33 13:18
Sholing Valentine Rd 09:08 10:23 11:38 13:23
Sholing Montague Ave 09:01 10:25 11:04 13:25
Hightown (Warburton Rd) 09:15 10:03 11:45 13:03
Fairfax Court 09:02 10:35 11:05 13:35
Thornhill Park Rd (Post Office) 09:23 10:38 11:53 13:38
Bentley Green (Harefield) 09:29 10:44 11:59 13:44
Bitterne Shops 09:35 11:05 12:05 13:05


Bitterne Shops 09:45 11 12:45 14
Bentley Green (Harefield) 09:51 11:06 12:51 14:06
Thornhill Park Rd (Post Office) 09:55 11:01 12:55 14:01
Fairfax Court 09:57 11:12 12:57 14:12
Hightown (Warburton Rd) 10:02 11:17 13:02 14:17
Sholing Montague Ave 10:07 11:22 13:07 14:22
Sholing Valentine Rd 10:09 11:24 13:09 14:24
Tesco Bursledon 10:15 11:03 13:15