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HighPoint Hiring Terms and Conditions

PYL Trading Ltd (PYL) manages the hiring of The HighPoint Venue (The Premises). The space at The HighPoint Venue is available to hire for meetings, Conferences, Training, Weddings, and Parties etc. These terms and conditions shall constitute the contract between PYL and the Hirer (named in section one of this document).


Payment of a deposit is required for all bookings (£10 or 10% whichever is greater for all hire fees), to be made within a week of the provisional booking being made or the booking will not be held. This deposit is not refundable.

  1. The booking will not be confirmed until the deposit payment has been received.
  2. Payment of the balance of hiring fee to be made in full 1 month prior to the event unless agreed with PYL.
  3. If your booking is made at short notice (within 7 days of the event) PYL will require full payment in cash at the time of the booking being made.
  4. PYL reserve the right to request a Security Deposit.
  5. PYL prefer that all payments are made via bank transfer or cash.


  1. All booking deposits are non- refundable.
  2. If you cancel within
    1. 2 months 50% of all payment made over the deposit will be retained.
    2. Less than 1 month 100% of any payment made will be retained.

Retention of Deposit

  1. PYL reserve the right to retain all or part of any security deposit if PYL suffer losses due to damage for which the Hirer is deemed to be responsible. If losses exceed the amount of your deposit, PYL may demand additional compensation.

Liability for Loss or Damage

  1. The Hirer accepts full responsibility for, and to indemnify PYL against all costs, charges, and claims, in respect of injury to any individual using the premises,caused by the negligence of the Hirer or any individual within the Hirers party/group.
  2. The Hirer will compensate PYL for any damage caused during the period of hire, or as a result of any breach of this agreement, to the building, grounds, or to any apparatus, fittings, or appliances, belonging to PYL, or its staff. (a security deposit may be requested, and held until an authorised member of staff has inspected the premises see item 8.H of this agreement).
  3. The Hirer will compensate PYL for false fire alarms and loss of income due to the negligence/actions of any individual in their party/group (a security deposit may be requested, and held until an authorised member of staff has inspected the premises see item 8.H of this agreement).
  4. The Hirer will be held responsible at all times for the actions of:
  5. All individuals from their party/group. 
  6. Any individual that gains unauthorised access to the premises by direct actions of the Hirer or any individual from their party/group.
  7. PYL will not be responsible or liable for any damage to, or loss of, personal property, placed or left on the premises by the Hirer or any individual from their party/group.



The Premises

  1. The Hirer should inspect the premises (prior to hire) and agree that they are suitable for the purposes for which they are to be hired.
  2. No public announcement or advertisement of any function proposed to be held at the premises should be made, until this form has been completed/returned, and the deposit has been paid/accepted.
  3. The Hirer will ensure that the property and space hired is treated with respect at all times, and leave the space hired, free of litter (bins will be provided), and all equipment/lighting turned off.
  4. The Hirer will ensure that the premises/space hired are not used for any purpose other than that stated in section 1of this hiring agreement.
  5. The Hirer will ensure that employees of PYL are permitted access to the area of hire at all times during the period of hire.


  1. PYL reserves the right to permit the use of other parts of the building during the period of hire, and to allow the common use of foyer, corridors and toilets.

Insurances & Documentation

  1. This form shall be completed and all documentation required by PYL provided(prior to the event taking place).


  1. The Hirer will ensure that any licences/insurance or documentation required for the hire period, are obtained from the relevant authority and are displayed as required, and that the premises will not be used for any activities that require a licence unless the appropriate licence has been obtained and a copy provided to PYL.


Fire Precautions/Evacuation & Health & Safety


  1. The Hirer will ensure that they sign in at reception, and that they are the last person to leave and as such sign out at reception.


  1. The Hirer will ensure that the fire apparatus and other equipment required for health and safety on the premises is not moved or interfered with.
  2. The Hirer will ensure that at no time during the period of hire that:
  3.  Any emergency exit from the premises is locked or obstructed.
  4. Fire doors are not propped open
  5. The Hirer will ensure that PYL’s fire regulations, and evacuation procedures are adhered to. You should familiarise yourself with the procedures, fire escapes, and location of the extinguishers at the start of your session/event.
  6. The Hirer will take appropriate precautions to prevent accidents to persons on the premises during the hire.
  7. In the event of an accident please ensure it is recorded in the accident record book, located at reception inthe foyer.
  8. In the event that you or an individual from your party/group use a fit aid kit, please inform the reception desk to ensure that items are replenished.
  9. The Hirer will ensure all equipment used is done so in a responsible manner, so as to reduce the risk of accidents.

For more information on fire procedures please refer to section 6 of the booking form.

Noise/Consideration for neighbouring Hirers

  1. The Hirer will ensure that PYL is fully informed if the session/event is likely to be noisy enough to disturb neighbouring Hirers (in adjacent rooms).
  2. The Hirer will (if it is a late/evening booking) take due care when entering and leaving the premises so as not to disturb neighbouring residents.


  1. Staff or volunteers of PYL, are not authorised by PYL to assist the Hirer in the organisation/delievery of any function held on the premises or to accept responsibility for the safe custody of any money or goods,(unless specifically arranged in advance and noted on the hire documentation ).
  2. The Hirer will have a named responsible person (see section 1) who will be present throughout the hire period and will assume responsibility to ensure this agreement is adhered to. (In their absence a replacement must be appointed to assume the role of the responsible person).
  3. PYL must have access to all relevant documentation required in relation to this hire (see sections: 5, 7.1, 8.U, 8.V, & 9) prior to hire.  If the hirer does not have the required public liability insurance, and is a Private Individual, PYL’s Hirers Liability Insurance will be used at a cost of 20% of the room hire charge. If the hirer does not require Public Liability Insurance (due to having their own), the disclaimer must be signed at the end of this contract.


  1. In the event of any breach of the above conditions, the hiring may be cancelled without prior notice at the absolute discretion of PYL, and any payments, including the hiring charge, may be forfeited.
  2. The booking staff have authority to act on PYL’s behalf in relation to all matters under this agreement.
  3. PYL reserves the right to cancel this agreement for any good reason beyond its control, and in that event will return all fees and deposits paid, to the Hirer.
  4. These Terms and Conditions of hire, the Booking Form and any information enclosed, represent the complete contract between PYL and the Hirer named in said documents. No variation or amendment to these documents shall be valid unless they are in writing signed by and authorised by the Chief Executive or Chair/Vice Chair of PYL.
  5. All hire rates will be reviewed in line with inflation, annually, on 1st March each year.



TV Licence

PYL DOES NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A TV LICENCE. Due to this any live feeds, transmitted via any equipment (either

owned by PYL or personally owned by any individual attending our premises),is strictly prohibited.


Data Protection


PYL retains information about its users in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The data contained in this form is purely for use by PYL for the purpose of office administration, contact details, payment, user monitoring, and Health and Safety compliance. PYL will not share this information with any individual or organisation without your prior written consent. 


Please note: it is the named responsible person on section 1 of this document that should complete this section. If the responsible personal signing this section is doing so as a representative/employee of an organisation they must have the authority to do so.